Agency agreement

Reputable agencies do not charge admission fees or basic fees. In the agency contract, the placement conditions sholdbe described in detail. Caution with exclusive model contracts. Many agencies want to bind models and hostessest to themselves, to get to the adresses of the contracting entities. In Germany such contracts are unlawful see paragraph § 297 SGB III.So if an agency wants an exlusive right, the agency needs to pay a monthly basic salary. And the agency contract becomes a contract of employment.


Handbags, Hats, Scarfs, Jewellery, Shoes (Shoes to change), Sunglasses, Make up to refresh and so on is what you should always take with you

Alta Moda

Refers to the fine art of Italian cutters! Measure clothing (individual), which is specially made on the collection corresponding to the season.

Alta Moda Pronta

This means the industrial ready-made clothes / clothing industry.

Age limit for models

In principle, there is no age limit for models. A glance in the supplements of every any newspaper or in fashion catalogs , that models of all ages are always in demand.


The cancellation, termination or dissolution of a booking.


The forward-thinking fashion of the next century.

AGB (General terms)

In the GTC's general terms and conditions are written down. Is the reservation policies, booking basics, reservation, working hours of the model, model fees, fashion fare, special fee, half-day stand in detail when a contract can be cancelled or Hour bookings, travel costs, travel daily rate with longer travel times to the workplace, travel expenses, terms of payment, complaints, liability issues, rights, and individual provisions of the Agency


For each professional model, it is necessary for the Agency to be reachable to confirm any requests by customers. Therefore all communication channels for contact of the Agency are to announce they are the mobile phone number and email address in the first place.


The area behind the stage.

Book / Portofolio / Buch / Mappe

Also called the photo portfolio with which to apply a model agencies and photographers. This should consist of a few, but professional photos and serves as a reference. Artwork or newspaper clippings should be if possible printed in DIN A4.


Persons who provide models and hostesses.

Booking / Buchung

The brokerage contract between customers of the Agency and of the models / hostess. The booking details are described in the terms and conditions of the agencies.


The brokerage contract between customers of the Agency and of the models / hostess.
The booking details are described in the terms and conditions of the agencies.
The supplement to the agreed daily fee, if the principal in addition to agreed production generates more advertising revenue. The height of the buyout depends on the negotiating skills of the Agency.

Call Back

When a call back the models / hostesses already due to your comp card are preselected.


Interview with the customer, in which several models / hostesses are present. The client checks in the image folders and the specifications of the model.

Catwalk / Runway

The term for the catwalk on which the presentation is.

Choreographie / „Choreo“

Do you call the process for a show, which previously was studied with the models. Distinction between a danced and choreographed in past. Models should have therefore also dance and acting talents. Classic Woman Models over the age of 30. Today are no limits for being a Model

Close up

Close ups movie and photo (face or body parts).


Multiple parts range of pattern designs of a fashion designer exhibited seasonal (spring / summer and autumn / winter collection) or a particular motto interpreted.


Fee for the mother Agency of models, which gives this model to a partner agency abroad or in another city.


Manufacture of ready-made clothes in series. Around 1900 reinforced final enforcement after the first world war, introduced for women's clothes.


Worked on figure, often a stiffened, sleeveless dress top.


Two-piece ensemble for the Lady, which consists of skirt and jacket and is complemented by blouse and vest


Rights of the author in the own work (photos, music, movies, lyrics, etc.). The ownership of the works is to just the author, utilization and marketing rights can be transferred by the author, however. With a copyright of authors against any unauthorized use of his work secures off legally


What is the fee for the mother Agency of a model / hostess, which conveys it to a partner agency abroad or in another city.

Composite / Sedcard

Is a printed or digital photo card of the model. Portrait photos and three to four full body photos with the mass of the model.

Cover / Cover-Shooting

Cover of a magazine. The appearance on the cover serving as good advertising, will be paid but only rarely.


Archived material about models and their publications. Catalog shots Good job in the model area, the produced often over several days


"Mannequin" were up in the 80's the term for a model which works on the catwalk. Nowadays, there are various terms with different names like for example catwalk model, photo model, advertising model, etc.


Often there at fashion shows to attract the models.


Photo shoots for the editorial pages in magazines, especially for fashion and beauty lines. These Jobs are not very well paid, helps to be known as a model.

Etuikleid / Futteralkleid/ Shift dress

Form-fitting, fitting, straight-cut dress without collar in different lengths. Then in the 60's was known as Jackie Onassis dress from 1918 in fashion, and experienced a revival at the end of the 90s.


A party

Event-Attendant (Hostess)

Model, which is responsible for the care of the public, guests. Called also hostess, representation, or host (male).

Exclusive contract

Often larger companies an exclusive contract agree to for their advertising campaigns with one or more models, E.g. cosmetics companies or designer labels. The advantage for the company: The customer identifies the brand with a famous person, this has a high recognition effect at the customer The advantage for the model: Mostly a very good pay. The downside for the model: May not promote competition and must still meet a lock-up period of a few years before it can again advertise for a similar product.

Free productions

See TFP shoot.

Fashion photographer

Photographers who specialize in fashion photography and work with models.


The payment of a job depends on the popularity of the models, as well how much is the effort.

Fit Model

Before the new collection of a manufacturer goes in the production, it must be ensured that the clothes has the right fit for the customer. The fitting model has exactly the size, in which the article will be produced (no super model size)


Identifies the dress fitting prior to photo shoots and fashion shows. There are also fitting models who are specialized in certain product areas such as for example, jeans, shirts, or even Bras.

Go and See.

Presenting before customers, photographers, agencies, etc. The model shows her new pictures. The Model gets in touch with the agencies or maintains the contact. Not to be confused with a model party.

Habilleuse / Anziehhilfe

At fashion shows, helps to attract the models backstage. She prepared the dresses and stowed them again.

Hair Stylist

Hairdresser / Barber, which apply the hair styling.


Model with beautiful and manicured hands.

Haute Couture / Alta Moda

Franz. High-tailoring. Exclusive measure clothing for models of one of the season-appropriate collection, its first showing is regarded as trend-setting for the general fashion. Haute Couture was established in Paris and followed in the 60s the youthful demands more. It was increasingly influenced by the model design in the context of the prêt à-porter.

House fashion show / Mode Apero

Called regional fashion shows where models get mostly a shopping voucher as salary. The models are recruited from the clientele of the business.

Head Sheet

Poster/posters with portraits of all models of the Agency.

Hippie clothing

Unconventional, colorful dress composition. Mid of 60's come up in the United States. The hippie look is constantly recycled and modified just like the music.

High Heels

High heels called women's shoes with heels from a height of about 10 centimeters. This label is based only on the heel and is independent of other features, such as, for example, the Pullon (sandals, Deux piece, flamenco-pumps etc.), the height (Bootee, shoe or boots), the shank and sole material, or paragraph form. Shoes with a lower heel height than 10 cm are referred to their model based on (pumps, sandals, etc.) Black high heels are the basic equipment of each model; You should be able to run them.

Host / Hostess / Hosting / Event-Attendant

Model, which is responsible on one occasion for the support of the audience. Called also hostess, representation, or host.

Hot Pants

Very short shorts-covering just the buttocks (often used in promotional inserts on race tracks / Grid Girl).

Hipster / hip pains

Pant form sitting on the hip, but not in the waist.


Photoshoot in a closed room, covered, regardless of the weather. The opposite of which is outdoor shooting. Outdoor shoots are therefore dependent on the weather and can be canceled because of bad weather. Depending on the contract, there is a replacement appointment, salary reduction or loss of pay.

Jeans Model / Laundry-Model

Model for a specific part of the body. See also fit model.

Kartei Index.

The heart of any model agency. All models are stored in the file, which are represented by the Agency. The index is now often done electronically via computer and always updated


Caftan-like front stacked beaten and belted garment from Japan with wide, cut sleeves.


Trousers with hem at the knee.


Soft, textile fabric with artful, denser patterning on a transparent background, which is embroidered manually or by machine, woven or crochet. Label Name for the label (brand), under which a collection is sold.


Has the function of a Sed card is less elaborately produced, but only consists of front and back.


Generic term for fine night - and underwear.

Location / Set

In the scene a common term for the name of the location where the photo / film production takes place.


Gold, silver or copper shiny effect yarn.

Make up Artist / Visagist / Hair Stylist

Make-up and makeup artists who are often also responsible for the hairstyles of models.

Mannequins (female term for model)

Catwalk models, who are booked for fashion shows. "Male model" and the term "Mannequin" were the name given to a model which works on the catwalk in the 80's. Nowadays no longer distinguishes the term "Model". Therefore, there are now catwalk model, photo model, advertising model, etc.

Mieder / Bodice

Comprehensive designation for skintight, often elastic women's underwear, which include BRA, corset, corselet, panty, and skirt. Jean-Paul Gaultier and his prominent customer Madonna made the bodice outerwear presentable. Mode-Apero Fashion show in the smaller frame. (See also house fashion show) is performed mostly in the business of selling itself.


Successful modelling requires a professional work setting. These include for example reliability, neat appearance, or also punctuality. These properties should bring with you, or at least show the willingness to acquire these properties.

Model contract

Rights + copyright = Copyright At photo shoots, the right of the model's own image and the copyright of the photographers meet principle. The resulting images for both sides are not usable without a common agreement. The contract includes therefore always a clause in the both parties (model and photographer) make arrangements about the use of the jointly created images. Furthermore should the model treaty type and content of the recordings as accurately as possible be set, as well as the fee that is paid by the photographer on the model. Is a so-called Paytest, in which the model paid a photographer for the photographs, the fee is set accordingly in the Treaty, which gets the photographer from the model.

New Faces

In professional circles, the term for new discovered models, which are available at the beginning of her career (also Newcomer).


Date mandatory reservation of a model. Can be cancelled shortly the order date prior to by the customer free of charge.

Optionär / Optionor

Customer who date binding allocates a model, but still not a definitive booking can opt for or want.

Partial body models

Models with very beautiful hands, feet, legs or other body parts.

Phone numbers and addresses

Phone numbers and your own address should never be given to a customer. The contact has to be made about the Agency.


Typical, smooth woman hair cut short the 20s, launched by Chanel.

Paillette / Sequin

Glistening, perforated metal or plastic plate for decoration of garments glittering, embossed and perforated metal or plastic plate for decoration of garments.


Oriental pattern with typical palmette motif, which acts like a palm leaf folded at the top. Named after a Scottish town.


Knee-length jacket with big pockets, DrawString at the bottom and with hood. Was intended as a weather clothing for soldiers, olive green in the original.


Advertising photographers have specialized in the photography of people and work with semi-professional or professional models, but also often amateur models

Petite Model

Smaller model with the same proportions as the large models.


Stiff petticoat with flounces, Ruffles or similar, often in several stages.


Fine, frozen in the tissue mechanical wrinkles that partially or extensively can structure the fabric.

Plus size Model / Big Beauty / Oversize Model

Model for larger sizes.

Pola / Polaroid

to check the light and the camera setting, the photographer at the beginning of his shootings makes so-called "Pola" or Polaroids. Such recordings are made often in the casting.

Polohemd / Polo shirt

Shirt in slip form with a short placket and usually short sleeves. Elastic fabric. Was worn with the advent of the Polo game in England in 1869 as sportswear.

Portfolio / Buch / Mappe / Book

Image folders, which the models present to agencies, photographers or castings. It should only contain the most professional pics of the model, possibly in DIN A4 size.


Posing for the camera or audience. There's a free posing (according to their own ideas) and a posing according to instructions.

Prêt-à-porter / Alta Moda Pronta

French: "ready to wear". Unconventional finished clothing by fashion designers of Haute Couture and independent designers designed. It has become an independent fashion direction between Haute Couture and ready-to-wear industry. Prints Printed matter.


popular women's shoe, which is cut out and is worn without laces or belts with different heel height.


Anti-fashion with unconventional hairstyles and hair colors. Punk is a constantly current, at the beginning of the 70's in London youth movement, which initially wanted to demonstrate a protest attitude towards society. Since also the Haute Couture uses again and again the elements of punk.


Recourse to the fashions of the past.


If an agency provides a model to a customer (for a job) and this customer books the model again, we are speaking of a subsequent booking or re engagement.


Jacket or coat supplement, which begins with the mirror seam on the collar.

Rising Star

If a new face or newcomer is the Supermodel of tomorrow.


Photo use rights in the advertising field (exploitation rights). rewarded in addition to the hourly or daily fees extra. Similar to a buyout.

Röhrenhose / Tight Pants / Drainpipes

Tight-fitting trousers with straight leg.

Running Order

Time schedule, is stated on what, what model with which piece of clothing on the runway is running (see also choreography


Another name for a catwalk.

Sakko / Suit jacket

Men's jacket, which can be worn with a suit pants made of same fabric or with a matching pair of trousers.

Schlaghose / Flares / Flared Pant

Typical pants, close to the thigh and widely exhibited from the knee. The trousers were worn in the 70s, which experienced a revival in the 90s.

Sedcard / Composite

Printed photo card of the models, usually in A5 format. It contains mostly a photograph on the front and three or four photos on the back with the dimensions (Mass) of the model. It is as representative sent to future customers/photographer.


Animal fiber from the cocoons of silkworms. Different qualities are produced by different processing of the fiber Set / Location The place where the photo / film production is taking place.


Talent scout, which everywhere and at anytime of the day looking for new models and appeals to them, often in the fixed order of the Agency.


Name of the actual photo production.

Sizes of models

The sizes for models (sizes) range generally from size 34 to a size 38. The minimum height for models, which operate at the national and international catwalks, is usually 174 cm for female applicants and 184 cm for male candidates. Often models from 167 cm be booked at local fashion shows (House fashion show). In the meantime, but also more and more models with oversize establish themselves. Photo; Advertising and face models differ from the "standard" sizes. Therefore, it may happen that a lady with only 165 cm still can work successfully as a photo model, because she has the most beautiful teeth, for example, for a "toothpaste" advertising. A nice proportion to body size, a good skin and an open, confident demeanor, open more doors in the model industry as an extremely slim or muscular figure. In the model industry, so anything is possible. See also oversize model / big beauty / plus size model / Petite model / part body model.


Exhibition space. The new collections are presented by models, and then sold.


Almost waist-long jacket, worn only by men.

Spesen / Expenses

Expenses of the model for driving, eating, drinking, night, taxi, etc. This gets reimbursed the model by the customers. The height of the expenses must be recorded in the work or collective agreement.


Generic term for comfortable, casual and sporty everyday and weekend dress borrows from all possible sports and active-wear pieces. Sportswear is extremely subject to the trend and can be anything from the Aviator jacket up to the Bush shirt.

Statist / Komparse / Extra/background actor

Actor with a small supporting role in a movie / a series (without text role).

Still-Lifes / Stills

Photos, on which only objects can be seen (still life).


Originally upper part of the jogging suit.


Waist reaching wide-swinging, short jacket with loose falling back, as a coat to the knee.


Ensures the perfect fit of the dresses at shootings, equips the models with accessories or arranged the photo set.

Testshooting auf TFP Basis

(englisch, short: TFP, auch time for pictures) is the photography for an agreement between a model and a photographer, in which the model is rewarded with a Gage, but with the results of the photo shoots for his services. For all parties involved - photographer, stylist, make-up artist and model - interesting to get new photos for the solution. Tests are called sometimes "free productions", because they are offered magazines for publication only after.

Training as a model

Also training as a model, catwalk training etc. are unimportant before applying. First comes that special something that the talent for a photo or film recordings or the catwalk. Whether training is useful, your agency will discuss later with you.


All purpose coat made of smooth and durable fabric. Was known by film detectives.


Compilation of sweater and a Cardigan matching in material and/or pattern.

Unreliable mediation

Caution is advised when payments are to be made before a mediation as a model / hostess is done. Often offered services such as photo model and make-up courses, the creation of Sedcards, etc. for an inflated fee, although there is no mediation. Sedcards (folders with pictures of the model in different poses and vermittlungs relevant data) are common in the model industry. You must be, paid by the model may by offsetting with incoming model fees. While reputable agencies need the Sedcards for a successful mediation, rogue agencies intend to sell (mostly useless) Sedcards at inflated prices.

Visagist / Make up Artist.

Make-up and makeup artists, who are often also responsible for the hairstyles of models

Wäsche-Model / Laundry/Swimwear Model

Model with a perfect body who is booked this for laundry or swimwear productions.


Colloquial expression for a particularly narrow waist. Until the beginning of the century has been shaped by the corset.

Werdegang / Career

A collection of running jobs of a model (references collection), which submitted the best in chronological order

Young Faces

Agency name for young models, which are at the beginning of her career, also new faces or newcomer called.

Ausbildung Hostess / Training

Hostesses or foreign language hostesses and-stewards take care of business people and visitors, and often work on behalf of tourist offices, Fremdenverkehrsvereinen, electoral administrations, trade fair or Congress organizers or also travel company. You help to organize fairs, meetings, conferences and congresses, plan cultural tours, are for information and information available, organize guided city tours or through major cultural events. Hostesses or foreign language hostesses and-stewards work mainly for exhibition and Congress organizers. They are also in airport companies or companies of inland waterway transport. In addition, they may be busy with tour operators, spa services, event or media agencies.

Berufsbild Hostess /Professional image Hostess

Hostesses or foreign language hostesses and-stewards support and accompany tourists and business people. They have about the task to take care of a customer with a date or a trip in the escort service. Much emphasis is placed on a light and neat conversation, good manners, impeccable appearance and restraint. Accompany guests to the airport or train station in the tourism sector, represent the travel company compared with the service providers (hotels, agencies) as well as a challenging, according to the area and international clientele. Take over service tasks, which include the support and information of holiday-makers as well as the travel-technical organization in place. They work closely with the various departments of a company.

Voraussetzungen für Hostess / Requirements Hostess

Legally no specific education is required for this training. The educational institutions set their own admission criteria. Minimum requirement is usually a medium of education, with good English skills and often basic knowledge in French provided by schools for access to the training. A previous training or experience are not required. The schools often perform a selection procedure. Especially the linguistic skills are checked in the suitability test. In addition, emphasis is on the social competence and the positive aspect of the applicants and applicants.

Berufsbild Promoter Promotionjob / Professional image

The promotion job a time paid activity, which promotes Sales Act. The promotion campaign is a marketing tool for the stepping up sales of a product.
-Sales promotion sales promotion =.
Tasting a food product in the market.
-Merchandising = Visual advertisement for a product!
A movie, where we sell the promoter promotional T-Shirt, Keychain, etc with the logo of the movie.
-Street-Promtion = advertising in running zones, such as pedestrian, or entrance area of shopping malls. This usually only flyers / brochures are distributed.
-Moderation = Declaration of product on a stage with a microphone.
A quick-witted moderation where also the audience or a partner involved is, is often used on sales measurement.
-Sampling = free samples which will be distributed to the visitors.
Product marketing = highlight the positive properties of a product.
The customer should thus be encouraged to repeat purchases
Longer-term campaigns are filled mostly with so-called power jobber. (Main occupation)
Short-term promotional actions, are ideal for students, and opportunity Jobber.

Promotional clothing.

Promoters frequently carry a trendy clothing (promotional clothing) on which the product or the brand advertises. It is by the made available to the company and must be returned at the end of the action.
There are different types of promotional clothing.

  • It can be a kitchen pinny with logo of the product such as "Maggie".
  • A comic figure like Mickey Mouse
  • Race suit for a car brand
  • Sexy clothes for an underwear manufacturer